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Most Embarrassing Underwear Stories – Not What People Expected

November 17, 2011

Have you ever been caught with your pants down? Now, you may have been used to thinking of such a sentence figuratively, but you would be surprised at the number of people who have literally been caught with their pants down. In what could be some of the most embarrassing underwear stories, it doesn’t take careful planning to get caught in one such instance where you would rather wish you were dead. The most embarrassing underwear stories are just that – the most embarrassing, as if you were caught in your underwear with the whole world watching you with a spotlight on. That’s not exactly how you would want to be in the spotlight, but some spotlights do get switched on just when you desperately wanted to be in the dark.

Imagine you were in a party with a nice little skirt on, gleefully unaware of the fact that your best friends were waiting for a photo opportunity – just that you did not know that they had a camera with flashes on, and just when you were in an awkward position with a glass of vodka or beer, you become the centre of the most embarrassing underwear stories as your friend lifted your skirt blissfully to expose your underwear to the thirsty lens.

It would be a worse affair, counting on top of the list of the most embarrassing underwear stories, when what you thought was reliable and private, your underwear, turned out to be just the opposite – unreliable and public. It has happened in the world of sports where wearing short skirts and tights is not only common but is also in fashion. Imagine a tennis star, playing in all her fury, moving across the court so effortlessly and invading the opponent, suddenly finding that the elastic in her underwear wasn’t just as furious and unrelenting as she was! Such embarrassing underwear stories are depicted in graphic detail where the underwear slips down the hips and shows itself off down on the thighs, well below the skirt line which is already rising high on account of the swirling star and the whirling winds!

The list is virtually endless in a world of digital photographs and instant sharing, where tough sportsmen wrestling out in a game of American Football find that they have just uncovered the bottom of their opponent instead of wrestling the ball from him. For all your intents to avoid some of the most embarrassing Mens Swimwear stories, they keep happening at alarmingly frequent intervals, anytime, anywhere!

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